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Why Should I join PromiseCare?

Our company represents your physicians. Choosing a primary care physician is part of your health plan. You’ve selected a doctor with us. The primary care physician and your group will coordinate all your care, using our network of specialists and hospitals. When you see a physician or go to the ER, your insurance company determines your benefits (such as the amount of your co-payment). If your health insurance is provided by your employer, your employer and the insurance company determine how much your monthly premium will be. You or your employer pay the premium directly to your insurance company.

Quality care, patient-centered design, and the intelligent use of technology are our hallmarks. We rely on the expertise of our board-certified medical professionals to deliver the best preventive medicine, acute care, and chronic condition management. Promise Care was founded on a better model of care – one designed around the needs of patients, and affordability. We achieve this by continuously improving our design, providing excellent customer service, and using technology efficiently.

Trust is the cornerstone of our relationship with patients. In addition to writing a prescription and sending you on your way, your Primary Care Provider (PCP) will work closely with you as your long-term health care advocate, assisting you in managing health issues and making complex decisions and providing you with the knowledge and guidance you need. To reduce over-diagnosis, we use diagnostic tests appropriately, take care to ensure the follow-up plan is understood, and limit over-diagnosis to the extent possible.

Additionally, we aim to care for you holistically – taking into account all aspects of your health and lifestyle. Several specialty services are on-site at select locations to help you maintain and restore optimal health. To ensure our care is as comprehensive and effective as possible, we will continue to add services as we grow.

You are able to have peace of mind knowing that you have a trusted advisor on your side with your PCP at Promise Care. We’ll help you make the best decision if you need a specialist consultation or hospitalization, and we’ll coordinate your referral.

While our primary care providers can address urgent and acute concerns, we maintain a close relationship with nearly 20 Urgent Care centers around the Riverside County. To quickly find one of our Urgent Care centers visit our Urgent Care Page.

For questions after hours or if you’re unsure if you should seek care straight from an urgent care facility or emergency department, please call our offices to speak with a member of the PromiseCare team.

PromiseCare works with nearly all of the hospitals in the area, so you can go to a facility of your choice, and we can assist in coordination of care if needed. We can refer you to a specialist at a hospital if you see one of our providers and need to follow up at a hospital. We can help you transfer all your records to PromiseCare if you end up in a hospital for another reason. This way, your provider will be able to review your stay and test results and help with any follow-up necessary.

Primary care is the kind of medical care you need first – before you get sick, before you need to see a specialist, before you need to visit the hospital. As your primary healthcare providers, we, at PromiseCare, focus on family medicine and internal medicine to address your essential health needs.

  • Preventive and screening measures
  • Creating a health plan with you
  • Provide a centralized repository of medical information that is comprehensive, accurate and secure
  • Coordination of testing, treatments, specialist visits, and hospitalizations
  • Guidance, insight, and advice in plain language
  • Medical expense management solutions that are cost-effective


Whether it’s a minor cold or a life-changing illness, we use the most up-to-date medical research, combined with our collective experience and your feedback to keep you healthy.

Most importantly, primary care providers provide continuity of care. We are your long-term partners in your quest for health.

Primary care is a type of assistance and consultation that you receive before you become ill, before you have to consult a specialist, and before you have to visit a hospital for treatment. When it comes to customer service and technical support, our service providers expect to provide you with high-quality, affordable service that is tailored to meet your unique needs.

We at PromiseCare are committed to your well-being as your primary care provider (PCP). We offer you a broad array of essential health care services, including:

  • Being proactive about prevention and wellness
  • Work with you to develop a customized plan that suits your individual needs and goals
  • All your medical information in one comprehensive, accurate, and secure place
  • We coordinate your testing, treatments, specialist visits, and hospitalizations seamlessly
  • Advice, guidance, and insight that’s easy to understand and accessible
  • Providing cost-effective health care options that enable you to make health a priority


In order to offer the best primary care, PromiseCare utilizes the latest medical research and technology. Our team draws upon the combined experience of our team members and your personal feedback to provide you with a truly unique healthcare experience. You can feel your best with our preventive medicine and integrative care — whether you’re healthy, sick with a minor cold, or dealing with a life-altering illness. You can maintain long-term health with the help of our primary care providers.

In addition to building trust and understanding with patients, our general practitioners spend time getting to know each patient and learning about their unique health story. We will collaborate with you to develop a personalized plan that fits your lifestyle and helps you reach your goals based on your history and lifestyle. We are here to be your long-term health advocate, partnering with you to manage your health issues and implement complex medical decisions. By utilizing diagnostic tests properly and avoiding over-diagnosis and unnecessary prescriptions, we allow you to make positive changes to your health and life by providing you with newfound knowledge, awareness, support, and guidance. You can count on us to be by your side every step of the way, making sure you are aware of how to continue your progress after you leave the office.

You are not just a collection of symptoms to us, but rather a whole person. Your health and lifestyle are considered holistically, and we help you restore and maintain optimal health by taking all aspects into account. To offer the most comprehensive, effective care, we’ll continue to add more services as we grow.

If you have a medical condition, you should always contact your primary care physician first. If you think you have the flu, consult your primary care physician. Contact a primary care physician if you are experiencing knee pain. If you need a referral to a specialist for a specific condition, your primary care physician will want to see you first. There is only one exception in situations of life threatening emergencies (e.g., chest pains). In such cases, you should always call 911 or go to an emergency room.

While we don’t require our members to select a PCP, we recommend finding a provider with whom you have a strong relationship and who can collaborate with you on important decisions to ensure you are receiving the best possible care for the long-term.

You can count on your PromiseCare PCP to be your advocate, ally, and advisor in addition to being your partner in good health. You can count on us to help you make the most informed decisions, and if ever you need to undergo a specialty consultation or hospitalization, we’ll give you a well-coordinated and thorough referral.

Lastly, you can always switch to another practitioner if you don’t feel like the practitioner you selected is the right match.

Insurance Plans Accepted

We accept Medicare Advantage Plans, most PPO plans, as well as the HMO plans provided by AetnaAlignment HealthcareAnthem BlueCrossAnthem BlueShield CaliforniaBrand New DayCignaHealth NetHumanaScan Health Planand United Healthcare.

If you do not see your plan and would like to speak with one of our team members to check coverage, please contact us!

Who is PromiseCare?

PromiseCare Partners has the longest continually serving and largest Independent Physician Association network in the Inland Empire. This network includes teams of dedicated physicians, hospitals, diagnostic centers, nursing staff, and their support teams, all within your local area.  We place the needs of patients first, focusing on excellent clinical outcomes, patient safety, and exceptional service.

We strive for excellence in everything we do from providing quality care to the most chronically ill and frail to meeting the changing healthcare needs of our surrounding communities with a forward-thinking perspective. Our communities count on us to provide stability and consistency in serving every patient today and tomorrow.

Hemet Community Medical Group

Under the regulatory requirements for California, Hemet Community Medical Group will continue to operate as a PromiseCare Partner with expanded access and improved member services which can be reached by calling 951-390-2840. The ongoing needs of all PromiseCare Partners are our first priority.

Family Senior Medical Group

Under the regulatory requirements for California, Family Senior Medical Group will continue to operate as a PromiseCare Partner with expanded access and improved member services which can be reached by calling 951-390-2840. The ongoing needs of all PromiseCare Partners are our first priority.

Temecula Valley Physicians Medical Group

Under the regulatory requirements for California, Temecula Valley Physicians Medical Group will continue to operate as a PromiseCare Partner with expanded access and improved member services which can be reached by calling 951-390-2840. The ongoing needs of all PromiseCare Partners are our first priority.

Menifee Valley Community Medical Group

Under the regulatory requirements for California, Menifee Valley Community Medical Group will continue to operate as a PromiseCare Partner with expanded access and improved member services which can be reached by calling 951-390-2840. The ongoing needs of all PromiseCare Partners are our first priority.

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