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Discover the PromiseCare difference! Our mission is to provide exceptional healthcare services and guidance tailored to your needs. We are your dedicated healthcare partner, ensuring your well-being is our top priority.


Healthcare Concierge Services

Our health advocates can guide you to find the best plan, best doctor, and best health experience possible

Insurance Coverage at PromiseCare

PromiseCare accepts Medicare Advantage Plans, most PPO plans, and most HMO plans

Affordable Healthcare
Tailored to You

PromiseCare’s experts ensure cost-effective coverage tailored to your unique needs.

Promisecare Medical Group - A group of doctors posing in front of a cityscape during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for 2024.

Hassle-Free Medical Care With PromiseCare:
Access 60+ Physicians, 400+ Specialists, and Full Healthcare Services

PromiseCare offers access to a vast network of 60+ primary care physicians and 400+ medical specialists, ensuring that you’ll receive expert guidance and personalized healthcare.

We provide a wide range of healthcare services, including 24-hour emergency services at six hospitals, 18 Urgent Care Centers, and three advanced imaging and diagnostic centers. This comprehensive offering means that you have access to all the resources you need to make informed medical decisions and can trust that you’ll receive cutting edge medical care.

Our Member Services team will assist you in navigating your healthcare, setting appointments, answering health related questions, and ensuring your medical needs are met.

Choosing PromiseCare during the Annual Enrollment Period

The Annual Enrollment Period can be confusing but PromiseCare is here to ease your mind. We can guide you through each step of the process. From finding a broker that you can trust to ensuring your have easy access to your medical records to scheduling your appointments, PromiseCare will be your medical concierge.


Get Informed

Find out important deadlines for the Annual Enrollment Period and your options.

Call 951-390-2840 with your Questions

Open Enrollment: OCT 15, 2023 – DEC 7, 2023


Gather Your Information

Gather personal information to sign up with ease. You will need the following:

  • Income Information
  • Social Security Number
  • ID Card (like Driver’s License)


Review Plan Options

Call Member Services at 951-390-2840, or visit our offices, or attend one of the informational meetings organized by PromiseCare for help deciding on a plan or benefits.

Click here for more information on upcoming meetings.


Complete Enrollment

Working with your broker, complete all necessary forms or paperwork to enroll making sure to select PromiseCare as your provider for 2024

Check your mail for a confirmation letter or packet from your insurance company confirming that you have successfully enrolled with PromiseCare. Typically you will receive your new 2024 insurance ID card at the same time.

Call PromiseCare for Expert Healthcare Assistance

Don’t miss out on the healthcare benefits you deserve. Call now to secure your personalized healthcare plan for 2024.


Why Choose PromiseCare as your Medical Care Provider?

When your health is on the line, you want the best doctors, the most advanced treatments and the utmost care.
At PromiseCare, we understand that your well-being is paramount. That’s why we’ve assembled a team of top-notch healthcare professionals equipped with cutting-edge technologies and driven by a passion for your health.
When your health is on the line, choose PromiseCare, because you deserve nothing but the best.
Compassionate Internal Medicine Clinic

Comprehensive Primary Care Network

Extensive Team of 60+ Primary Care Physicians Offering Personalized Health Services

Specialized Medical Expertise

400+ Medical Specialists Covering a Wide Range of Health Conditions and Treatments

Promisecare Medical Group - A state-of-the-art laboratory offering a wide range of equipment for comprehensive pathology services.

Robust Hospital Infrastructure

Six State-of-the-Art Hospitals for Advanced Inpatient and Surgical Care

Nurse Helping Senior Woman With Personalized Health Plan

Accessible Urgent Care Facilities

18 Convenient Urgent Cares Providing Timely Medical Attention for Minor Emergencies

Imaging and Diagnostics

Cutting-Edge Diagnostics

Three Advanced Imaging and Diagnostic Centers for Precision Health Assessment and Testing

Urgent Care Locations

24/7 Emergency Care

24-Hour Emergency Services Ensuring Immediate Response to Critical Medical Situations

The PromiseCare Difference:
Expert Providers, Exceptional Healthcare Benefits

Wide Range of Medical Services

State-of-the-Art Technology

Inland Empire's Largest Independent Physician Association Network

Largest Network of Female Physicians

Care Coordination and Assistance

Member Assistance with Referrals

On-Site Member Services

Support Services

On-Site Case Managers

Online Health Records

Telemedicine Services

Wellness Programs

Patient Education Programs

Senior Member Service Center

Appointment Scheduling Assistance

Care Coordination and Assistance

Call PromiseCare for Expert Healthcare Assistance

Don’t miss out on the healthcare benefits you deserve. Call now to secure your personalized healthcare plan for 2024.


What PromiseCare Patients Are Saying

5-star Review

My Primary Care Provider Cares

I couldn’t be happier with PromiseCare’s primary care network. My doctor truly cares about my well-being and provides personalized care that makes me feel valued and heard.

-A. Jackson

5-star Review

Specialized Care is Easy to Find

PromiseCare’s medical specialists have been a lifesaver for me. With over 400 specialists available, I found the expertise I needed to address my unique health concerns, and their care has been exceptional.

-M. Peterson

5-star Review

Best 24-hour Care

When I faced a medical emergency, PromiseCare’s 24-hour emergency services were there for me. Their swift response and expert care made all the difference in a critical moment. I’m forever grateful.

-C. Lopez

5-star Review

Member Service Team is Awesome

Enrolling in Medicare benefits for 2022 was a breeze thanks to PromiseCare. Their member services team guided me through the process with ease, ensuring I didn’t miss out on any vital coverage options. I highly recommend them!

-R. Dalisay

Call PromiseCare for Expert Healthcare Assistance

Don’t miss out on the healthcare benefits you deserve. Call now to secure your personalized healthcare plan for 2024.


Insurance Plans Accepted by PromiseCare

We accept Medicare Advantage Plans, most PPO plans, as well as the HMO plans provided by AetnaAlignment HealthcareAnthem BlueCrossAnthem BlueShield CaliforniaBrand New DayCignaHealth NetHumanaScan Health Planand United Healthcare.

If you do not see your plan and would like to speak with one of our team members to check coverage, please contact us!

Promisecare Medical Group - An older woman sitting in a wicker chair during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for 2024.
Promisecare Medical Group - A man with a white beard standing in a field during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period for 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

Medicare Open Enrollment for 2024 starts on October 15, 2023, and runs through December 7, 2023.

After that time there will be a 1-time change period starting on December 7, 2023 and running through March 30, 2024.

Yes, you can change your Medicare plan during the Open Enrollment period. This includes switching between Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage, changing your Medicare Advantage plan, or selecting a new Part D prescription drug plan.

When reviewing your Medicare options, consider your healthcare needs, prescription medications, preferred doctors and hospitals, and budget. Make sure the plan you choose covers your specific healthcare requirements.

Your current Medicare Advantage or Part D plan may automatically renew, but it’s important to review any changes to the plan, such as premium, coverage, or network, to ensure it still meets your needs. If you’re on Original Medicare, there’s no need to renew as it doesn’t have an annual renewal process.

If you miss the Open Enrollment deadline, you may have limited options to change your Medicare plan until the next Open Enrollment period. However, you may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) if you experience certain life events, such as moving to a new area or losing other health coverage.

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Don’t miss out on the healthcare benefits you deserve. Call now to secure your personalized healthcare plan for 2024.